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Steering Committee

Eligibility: Any CPA member is eligible to be nominated for a leadership position within the Steering Committee, so long as he or she satisfies the membership requirements set forth in the bylaws (Article IV: Membership). The Steering Committee is elected annually at the scheduled general membership convening and will include: 5 Elected Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Communications Coordinator, and 6 At-Large members; any Officer positions that remain open will be filled by additional At-Large members in order to maintain an 11-person Steering Committee. In addition, the roles and functions of unfilled Officer positions are fulfilled by the Steering Committee as a whole.


Function: The Steering Committee makes decisions of the CPA between membership gatherings, conferences, and convenings, meeting at least monthly in order to: review policy or program Proposals from Action Teams, ad hoc committees, or individual members, submit approved Proposals to general membership for a general vote, and create or approve any new Action Teams or Standing Committees. For a full description of the Steering Committee, it’s function, responsibilities, and the election of its members please review Article VII of the CPA Bylaws.


  • David Cobb

  • Jason Small, Vice Chair

  • Jenny Lynn, Digital Director

  • Ernesto Arce

  • Michelle Manos, Chair

  • Nick Cortez, Secretary

  • Paul Kilkenny, Treasurer

  • Scott Menzies

  • Victor Casas

The California Progressive Alliance
(510) 984-6536  ·  PO Box 5284  ·  Richmond CA 98405

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